LED Matrix Beam Headlamps - Improvements in Light Performance English Free Members only

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  • Date 10/14/2014
  • Author Rainer NEUMANN, Vladimir KUBENA - Varroc Lighting Systems
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With the introduction of Adaptive Driving Beam (ADB) or Glare Free High Beam in 2013 the automatic generation of the most suitable light performance is very much appreciated by the driver. First applications have been launched with HID light source. A camera detects the scenery in front of the vehicle and is able to detect oncoming or proceeding road users. An electronic control box is automatically controlling the light output by avoiding glare light send out to others. In the future we will see more and more LED based solutions replacing HID. Beside the mechanical concepts, where the headlamps are moving to avoid glaring oncoming road users, the future will be so called matrix LED headlamps without mechanical movement. This system will be described in this paper. Very important is the software and the basic layout of the individual LED chips to be able to realize a smooth transition from one given light pattern to another configuration. The light distribution consists of many individual LED chips which are illuminated with a software controlled philosophy to result in a homogeneous final light pattern. When the camera detects oncoming or proceeding traffic, elements of the LED chips will be dimmed down or switched off to create a zone, where no light is emitted and no glare light build up. The LED Matrix Beam Headlamps offer an excellent comfort and safety for the driver, increases the detection visibility and will be standard equipment in the future.