Analysis and Active Control of Low Frequency Booming Noise in Car English Free Members only

  • Category Technical paper
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  • Date 10/22/2014
  • Author Y. Cao, Z. Deng, Y. Zhang, D. Chen - China Automotive Engineering Research Institute
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For Lightweight body, the sound radiation and sound insulation performance will have negative effects on interior noise by the deterioration of local stiffness and modal. So the research on the active control of vibration and noise for car body panels is useful for engineering. Analysis and active control of booming noise in car is researched using new active damping vibration reduction technology named smart constrained damping layer (SCLD). According to the vibration characters of body roof, the optimal placement of actuators is distributed. Based on dSPACE hardware in loop environment, an adaptive active control system is designed. Selected the vibration signals of engine mounting point as the reference input of adaptive controller, the active control experiment of booming noise for mini-car is carried out. It results that , when the engine speed at 3700 RPM and 4250 RPM,the interior booming noise decreases 4.2 dB (A), and 3.5 dB (A) separately. It proposes new methods and techniques for intelligent control of car body NVH in the future.