Prediction of Battery Thermal Behavior from Concept to Manufactured Part by Means of DoE Based Simulation English Free

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  • Date 03/18/2015
  • Author A. Crater - AVL
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The DoE method can be used to analyze how a system responds to a variation of its design parameters and to identify the main influencing factors. In a concept phase this allows optimizing the design with respect to pre-defined targets and anticipating the impact of “perturbations” on the system (e.g. tolerances in production, assembly, component specifications, etc.) by means of sensitivity study. In this investigation the DoE method is applied on an air-cooled battery pack, which must be operated within an optimal temperature range given by the cell specification. The temperature spread within the pack should be minimized, in order to fulfill performance and lifetime targets. This study gives an indication on the performance of the optimized design and on the feasibility of such a concept for a serial production.