Simulation methodology to couple process and product for short fiber reinforced plastic English Free

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  • Date 03/18/2015
  • Author A. Hatt - Faurecia
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  • Code R-2015-02-10
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Process effects of the injection molding have an high impact on the product performance for short fibers reinforced thermoplastics materials. To predict product performance, a coupling with the process simulation and advanced anisotropic material models is required.
Faurecia has developed a methodology to integrate anisotropic effects of the fiber orientation with LS-DYNA explicit for crash simulations.
A specific anisotropic characterization is performed to fill micro / macro homogenization models and exported to LS-DYNA composite orthotropic elastoviscoplastic properties for different fiber orientation configurations. A specific mapping tool will orient elements and affect corresponding orthotropic material models versus fiber orientation.
Correlations are performed at different levels:
• Coupons
• Reference parts (beams)
• Seat frames
The level of correlation is improved versus isotropic material models with a similar computation time.