Real 3D-packaging: a breakthrough for high power electronics for automotive applications English Free Members only

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  • Date 04/14/2015
  • Author Ph. Favre, J-M. Reynes, J. Favre - aPSI3D
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Power electronics stands at the crossroad of highly convoluted disciplines of physics: thermal science, mechanics and electronics. In order to respond to the growing and demanding automotive market, designers have no choice but to assemble off-the-shelf parts, keeping the onus of managing themselves thermal losses and stray inductances at interfaces. Power mechatronics is the buzz word for this. It has for long envisioned double-sided cooling and wire-bondless interconnections as ways to go. Merging those impediments and opportunities into a global solution, aPSI3D has developed an integrated approach for multi-physical co-design with its customers, offering both plug-in cooled power modules and maximum value transfer to the inverter. Eventually, a 50% power module with imbedded cold plate size reduction for a 100kW inverter is obtained vs. state-of-the art pin fin standard products.
With a 10nH stray inductance, this solution is paving the way to more than 100A wide bandgap semiconductor die based highly efficient power modules.




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