Integrated Layout of the Low Friction Piston Ring Package English

  • Category Technical paper
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 05/27/2015
  • Author T. Voncken, M.Plettenberg, J. Lehmann, M. Heinen, J. Dohmen, H. Baumgarten - FEV
  • Language English
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The design/layout of the piston group system is a continuous field of research which is predominantly driven by legislation rules that impose tighter emission targets. Apart from the embedment of new technological advances from the field of material - and surface treatment science, the tailoring of the piston group system still heavily relies on experience and its final layout is field test driven. At FEV GmbH special measuring techniques on the individual components of the complex system piston group in conjunction with sophisticated 3D multi body simulation models are combined for gaining best solutions. This “best of both worlds approach” enables to perform early CAE based investigations in a cost- and time saving way during the conceptual phase of engine development while taking advan-tage of measurement-based validated approaches. The verified MBS model now not only allows the prediction on the impact of the system's layout changes via a sensitivity analysis, but also allows the study of the piston group system for high engine speed ranges that measurements cannot address. The 3D MBS model will in near future be a useful tool to optimize the piston group's layout in advance aiming predominantly at the reduction of the friction.


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