High power density inverter technology for automotive applications English

  • Category Technical paper
  • Edition SIA
  • Date 04/03/2014
  • Author R. SAITO - Hitachi
  • Language English
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Novel technology to increase power density of inverter for automitive application including power module technology was provided. Inverter power density was drastically increased from first generation inverter to third generation inverter to be 35 kW/L. Power device and novel power module technology, such as single side direct water cooling power module and double side direct water cooling power module, low inductance power circuit and capacitor technology, high density gate driver board technology and high density high performance motor control board technology have been developed to realize high power density inverter. The third generation water cooling single inverter is designed as standardized inverter for various electric drive vehicles. Low volume 3.5L and adjustable current rating from 300Arms to 400Arms is beneficial for wide range of electric drive vehicle application in a short developing time period.


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