SIA signs a partnership with Chinese State Key NVH laboratory





The new, recently established, SIA French NVH experts community wanted to open up towards other similar communities in the world. The idea of this approach is to share the know how, experience and engineering technics in the domain of noise & vibration concerning both interior and exterior impacts.

This subject becomes highly complex in the context of electric autonomous connected and shared vehicles.

Based on existing contact with Chinese State Key NVH laboratory CAERI, established during last SIA CTTM NVH Conferences in Le Mans, a new collaboration project was initiated in June.

This resulted in a professional trip of SIA in China (Chongqing & Souzhu) of Leon Gavric NVH senior expert & Le Mans Congress Chairman & Herve Gros SIA CEO. On November the 19th 2019, CAERI and SIA signed a cooperation agreement dealing with our collaboration on Conference-Congress organization and scientific-technical exchanges. According to this document, NVH congress in France and China will be held alternatively in each country (even years in France and odd in China). For the next NVH congress (Le Mans, October 14-15th 2020), the organization and scientific committees will include Chinese partners (both leaders and experts).

During the SIA visit,organized and supported by CAERI, we had the occasion to meet Chinese NVH experts (from OEMS, Tier 1 suppliers, laboratory...). Both Oriental and Occidental NVH communities are preoccupied by the same priority topics.


First steps of an international collaboration are done, let’s open to the world !


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