Poster Session : SIA Powertrain Paris 2024 Students Poster Session

  • 20 Juin 2024
  • Lille



At the Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA), we are dedicated to fostering the next generation of automotive engineers.


Our annual POWERTRAIN International Congress provides a platform for students to showcase their academic and internship projects through poster presentations. This initiative serves to promote the automotive industry as an exciting career choice for young engineers.



Poster Presentation Opportunities


We invite Students to present their projects on topics aligned with the conference's focus areas, which include

  • Electric Drivetrain,
  • Hydrogen ICE,
  • Fuel Cell
  • Powertrain Evolution
  • Eco-design, Recycling, Life Cycle Assessment
  • E-fuel/Alternative Fuel
  • Artificial Intelligence


Participating in the poster session offers students the chance to demonstrate their expertise and passion, engage with professionals, and receive valuable feedback.



Best Student Poster Awards


All posters will be prominently displayed in the exhibition area throughout the conference, attracting the attention of numerous attendees. Students are encouraged to be present during coffee and lunch breaks to discuss their projects with interested conference-goers.


A jury of powertrain experts will evaluate the student projects three weeks before the conference.

The authors of the top six projects will be invited to give a brief oral presentation to the jury, lasting 10 minutes each, on the morning of Thursday, 20 June 2024.


At an award ceremony, the authors of the three best posters will be honored with a trophy and a prize, recognizing their outstanding contributions.


The authors of the best poster will have the opportunity to present their project in a "pitch" format during a plenary session, addressing all congress participants and sharing their insights and findings with a broader audience.


These awards not only celebrate excellence in student research but also provide valuable exposure and networking opportunities for young engineers entering the automotive industry.



Jury Members


  • Joël Op de Beeck, PLASTIC OMNIUM (chairman)
  • Dominique Martineau, VITESCO
  • Sophie Personnaz, VALEO
  • Elodie Collot, UTAC
  • Sebastien Potteau, EMITECH
  • Jean-Philippe Lelievre, RENAULT
  • Yannick Raynaud, PLASTIC OMNIUM

Free Participation

Participation in the poster session is entirely free for students and their accompanying lecturer. Complimentary access to the conference and exhibition on 20 June 2024 from 08:00 to 16:15, is provided to ensure maximum engagement and networking opportunities.


Poster Proposal Submission Process

To submit a poster proposal, interested participants must follow a structured process:

1. Abstract Submission: Submit the project's subject and a brief abstract by 16 April 2024, ensuring alignment with the conference themes.
DOWNLOAD the poster submission form

2. Presentation Submission: Provide a document outlining the study and results in PowerPoint format (maximum 25 slides) or the poster itself by 14 May 2024.

3. Evaluation and Notification: A jury evaluates the proposals, and the authors of the top six projects are notified by 29 May 2024.

4. Final Poster Submission: All teams must submit their final posters in electronic format by 10 June 2024, allowing sufficient time for printing before the conference.