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International Conference : APE - Automotive Power Electronics
Paris - Centre des Congrès de la Villette
April 3 & 4, 2013

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APE are renowned international congresses created in 2006 and organized by the SIA (French Society of Automotive Engineers). The last four editions demonstrated that APE conferences are recognized to be the unique events dedicated to Automotive Power Electronics. The whole automotive supply chain, the power industries, and the research institutes can meet and exchange. They focus on “in-car” systems & components, dealing with all aspects of related power electronics and electrification of vehicles targeting very low CO2 footprint. APE conferences are giving a platform to share trends, challenges, innovations and solutions. The past APE events have received a very high participant satisfaction.

Governments, OEMs and tier1s share the target to increase the number of electric cars. First low carbon vehicles are being sold, but it is still the very beginning of mass market processes and productions. Ramping up of those applications is strongly boosting the pressure on power components cost and reliability, but also appears now as the biggest future market for power. New concepts and technologies will be pulled by this amazing challenge. Connection to the grid opens new opportunities for power network stability and electricity availability.

APE will provide you – from labs early modeling to series processes tuning – an exclusive moment of conviviality, networking and knowledge sharing among automobile engineers and specialists in the field of world wide power electronics.


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